At Miller Feinbaum Recruiting, we know that while a job seeker’s skills are important, they must be complementary to the needs of the client (hiring company). Hiring professional and capable personnel is not an easy task. Therefore, our process consists of matching not only skills, but goals, objectives and leaderships styles between job seeker and the hiring company. We get to know our job seekers and the hiring company, our clients. Therefore, when we send a job seeker to interview with a company, we have already determined the appropriateness of the match. As a result, we have a very high success rate.

Our Process:

  • Meet with client for complete job analysis and detailed understanding of the corporate culture
  • Find, identify and recruit that exemplary individual to meet your (the hiring company) needs
  • Interview — understand each individual candidate’s job fit and “non-fit.” Uncover each candidate’s career motivation. Many of these interviews are conducted in person whenever possible.
  • Submit resumes of qualified applicants and review details of each person with the hiring official (client)
  • Arrange & coordinate for all company and job applicant interviews
  • Reference checks and profile assessment test given to finalists
  • Make offer and negotiate the successful hire of the chosen individual