From Melissa


Weclome 2021! Thankful to be past 2020 but still aware of the hiring challenges ahead. 

    The reports that I am reading from sources like Forbes, WSJ economics forecast and other economic advisors such as National Bureau of Economic Research say that July 2022 should be the start of the actual “ hiring re-start”.  It seems we started this recession stronger than we did during the recession of 2007-2009 The stronger economy this time will help us get back to a full employment return quicker than the previously. Although, employers surveyed don’t predict pre-pandemic hiring to return until 2022 they do feel hiring will softly start July 2021 which goes along with the above mentioned by economists.

     We should see strong and earlier recovery in the financial services sector, retail trade, healthcare and construction but even that will be strongest in early 2022. Leisure and hospitality will take the longest to re-start. Manufacturing, educational services and government should fall somewhere in the middle of that time line.   

     Remote working and hi-tech will continue to thrive and effect careers and job changes say BW People. With diversity and ethics a prime target for focus.    

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