Career Consultation

In this time of a worldwide pandemic, Miller Feinbaum Recruiting understands the difficulty that employees face. We can offer you a wide range of career consultation services that will help you polish your job seeking skills and make a rewarding career move. It is a tough time, so let us help you to help yourself and land your next career home. It’s a tight time but the market will open back up.

We offer:

Job Search and Networking Techniques

Most job seekers do not understand the importance of networking in a job search or how to do it professionally and successfully. This service is designed to teach and encourage you, the job seeker, and help you take control and responsibility for your new employment opportunities.

Resume Updating and Realization

We know what the hiring companies want to see on a resume. This service explains how and why your resume is your “marketing tool.” We also demonstrate the significance of layout and content, especially in today’s technological world where companies use keyword searches in managing their employment database.

Interview Training and Coaching

This invaluable service defines the importance of body language and how you communicate your abilities to the hiring official. We analyze your current style and recommend ways to increase your chances of interviewing well.

Professional Dress Advice & Presentation

Many job seekers are unaware of the statement that their clothing makes. Here we explain the incredible importance of presentation. We emphasis the relevance of that first impression, the details of acceptable interview appearance and acceptable on-the-job attire.

Please contact us via email, and let us help you.