Miller Feinbaum Recruiting offers a wide range of career consultation services that will help you polish your job seeking skills and make a rewarding career move. Please contact us here or call 865-604-8525 and let us help you on your career path.

Job Search & Networking Techniques

Discover the power of strategic job search and networking techniques with our specialized career coaching services. Many job seekers underestimate the significance of professional and successful networking in securing better employment opportunities. Our tailored program is designed to empower you, providing guidance to take control and responsibility for maximizing your career prospects.

Resume Updating & Realization

Gain a competitive edge by understanding what hiring companies seek on a resume through our specialized career coaching service. Uncover the secrets of your resume as your ultimate ‘marketing tool,’ with insights into layout and content essentials. In today’s tech-driven job market, we highlight the importance of leveraging keywords, ensuring your resume stands out in employer database searches. Take your career prospects to the next level with our expert guidance.

Interview Training & Coaching

Unlock the secrets to successful interviews with our invaluable interview coaching for job seekers in the Knoxville area and beyond. Learn the nuances of effective body language and how to articulate your skills confidently to hiring officials. We assess your current interview style and provide personalized recommendations to enhance your chances of making a lasting impression.

Professional Dress Advice & Presentation

Discover the impact of professional dress with our invaluable advice on the statement your appearance makes. Many job seekers underestimate the influence of attire, but we emphasize the critical importance of a polished image. From making that crucial first impression to understanding acceptable interview appearance and on-the-job attire, we guide you toward presenting your best self.