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Connect with top talent with Miller Feinbaum Recruiting, serving Knoxville, Tennessee and the surrounding area.

Elevate your hiring process by partnering with Miller Feinbaum Recruiting, where ‘hiring well’ is our expertise. Focus on steering your business while we specialize in sourcing star performers who go beyond good to truly great—making a significant impact in today’s competitive market.

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With over 30 years of professional recruiting experience, Miller Feinbaum Recruiting excels in finding candidates with superior skills, backgrounds, and work ethics tailored to your company’s needs. Our refined search techniques, expansive database, and continued networking ensure we uncover the perfect ‘match’ for you, the hiring company, and our client.

We understand the importance of both technical and soft skills in driving excellence. Through in-depth searches, detailed interviewing, thorough reference checks, and profile assessments, we ensure a thorough understanding of your company to bring you individuals that seamlessly align with your goals, objectives, and leadership style.

Miller Feinbaum Recruiting is dedicated to bringing you the most qualified professionals in the job market. Contact us today via email or at 865-604-8525. Let us be the key to finding your next superstar and contributing to your company’s peak performance.

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Melissa Feinbaum

Recruiting & Business Expert

Your Success is Our Business

Melissa Feinbaum

Recruiting & Business Expert

Your Success is Our Business

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