Miller Feinbaum Recruiting, based in Knoxville, is a seasoned recruitment firm with over two decades of experience, specializing in connecting businesses with exceptional talent across various disciplines. Our comprehensive services extend beyond traditional recruiting. Whether you are seeking skilled professionals in accounting, operations, legal, marketing, sales, manufacturing management, or engineering, we tailor our approach to your unique needs. At Miller Feinbaum Recruiting, we prioritize fostering collaborative partnerships, ensuring a seamless match between our clients and top-tier candidates. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with personalized career consultation services, sets us apart in driving success for both businesses and individuals in Knoxville and beyond.

We Specialize in the Recruitment of…

Accounting & Finance

Elevate your financial team with Miller Feinbaum Recruiting’s expert recruitment services in Knoxville, ensuring you connect with skilled professionals in accounting and finance who can contribute to the financial success of your company.


Streamline your business operations by partnering with us for tailored recruitment solutions. Miller Feinbaum Recruiting specializes in identifying and placing top-tier candidates in operations roles, ensuring your company runs efficiently and effectively.


Navigate the legal landscape with confidence by leveraging our legal recruitment expertise. Miller Feinbaum Recruiting connects you with skilled legal professionals in Knoxville, providing a strategic advantage for your organization.


Propel your brand and drive market success with our specialized marketing recruitment services. Miller Feinbaum Recruiting ensures you find the right talent to spearhead marketing initiatives and enhance your company’s visibility and reach.


Achieve unparalleled sales success by partnering with Miller Feinbaum Recruiting. Our recruitment services in Knoxville focus on connecting you with dynamic sales professionals who can drive revenue and elevate your company’s market presence.

Manufacturing Management

Strengthen your manufacturing operations with our recruitment solutions tailored for management roles. Miller Feinbaum Recruiting identifies and places skilled professionals in manufacturing management, ensuring operational efficiency and success.


Power your engineering team with top-tier talent by partnering with Miller Feinbaum Recruiting. Our specialized recruitment services in Knoxville connect you with skilled engineers, driving innovation and success in your technical projects.